Monday, March 9, 2009

A weekend in PAradise

You read it right. "PAradise." Meaning Pennsylvania...hence "PA"...hence "PAradise."

Anyway, we road-tripped it on out to Pennsylvania this weekend. Jake, Luther and I dropped Kevin off in Happy Valley and then continued on to the Greater Clarion area. We enjoyed a brief tour of the PSU campus and got the picture Kevin has been waiting for all of his life. His son with the Nittany Lion. We also have the one where his son almost fell off the Nittany Lion, but now we're back on the subject of calling CYS.
Because I took the camera with me, there is no documented footage of Kevin's stay in State College for the wrestling Big 10 tournament. I imagine Kevin is very thankful for that, seeing as how he was "dehydrated" when I picked him back up on Sunday.

And guess what? Those of you who follow the life and times of Karen over at "Another Stella Day" will be pleased to learn that I got to see her and her sweet little baby bump on my way up north. She and her GCC girls were having a reunion of sorts and were gracious enough to let me crash in for a minute to say hi, make Jake a bottle, let Luther out of the car, and snap a picture. Thanks girls, and it was absolutely fantastic to see you! Karen, your "Grubelet" is gorgeous already.
Then, in the Greater Clarion area, Jake, Luther and I stayed with my Nana and my parents came in to visit, too. Jake got to go meet his Great Great Grandmother...yes, that is two "greats." My Great Grandma will be 103 in April...born in 1906...can you imagine? 1906? And she is sharp as a tack. It was great. We also got to see my Aunt Carol and Uncle Rod and catch up a bit. Uncle Rod let Jake try on his hat which was a big hit! Check out four generations below...
After our visit with the McHenry side of the family, we went back to the Jordan side where we got to hang out with Uncle John and Aunt Helen and family. Have I ever shared this riddle with the blogging community? Well here it is. My mom's Uncle John, the gentleman I just mentioned, is not just her uncle...he's also her cousin. I promise...nothing scary...just an interesting fact. See if you can solve the riddle!
Next, we put Jake in the middle of the road and took his picture.
Then we even photographed the weird cows/bulls/steer (I don't know enough to tell the difference) across the street. I feel this was especially gutsy in light of the recent chimp disaster. Or especially stupid. It seems gutsy and stupid are separated by a very fine line. For complete coverage of the Greater Clarion tour, click here.
And then we were on our way back to Happy Valley to pick up Kevin. We enjoyed dinner with Pop Pop Vile and Walt...and even got to see Andrew for a minute. And that was that! A fabulous weekend for everyone in the Vileation Nation. And we even remembered the time change. Miracles still happen.
Oh, and check out pictures from Dog's baby shower here if you so choose! Dog is one cute pregnant lady, so I suggest you see for yourself.


Cindy said...

I love that you clean up so well! Your four generations picture was awesome I have one of those with my grandma, mom, me, and Sarah it is something to treasure right! I am glad that you had such a great trip and now are home and stuffing your son in his GCC shirt. Sarah and Derek made the magazine but I have yet to put nathan in I need to write them and tell them I need a shirt for him think they will send me a 2T! Talk to you soon!

stella g. said...

so you posted on march 5 and here i am 20 days later. oops, 21. where have i been? thanks for the shout-out! and that goofy picture. it was so great to see you. i can't express that enough. except maybe to put it in all caps, but then that's just obnoxious. it was such a treat to see you walk in that door. it was a quick visit, but well worth any bit that was out of the way for you. thanks.

and super cute pics from amanda's shower. it was fun to see the familiar gcc faces in the crowd.

Lindsey Griffith said...

I want to know the answer to the riddle!!

Amazing, the picture of 4 generations!