Monday, June 29, 2009

Keeping Busy

We had an amazing time in Avalon, NJ this past weekend...and in Jersey City, NJ and Langhorne, PA the previous weekend...and in Foxburg, PA the previous weekend...and in Perryville, MD the previous weekend.

In other words, we've been busy.

It should be noted that Jake started taking some shaky steps during the Perryville, MD weekend (which was June 4-7).  Now he's cruising the beach like he's been doing this all his life. 

So I think Jake has just about covered his "Things To Do Before I Turn One" list.
  • Learn to sit up unassisted
  • Say Da Da over and over again (with the VERY occasional Ma Ma)
  • Find two things and bang them together
  • Feed myself (but not with silverware...that will be on my Things To Do Before I Turn Two list)
  • Try pizza and ice cream
  • Pet Luther
  • Crawl
  • Walk
  • Trick my parents into thinking I'm playing safely in the TV room, but really walk over to the stairs and start climbing
  • Visit NJ, PA, OH, DE, GA, OK, WV (and probably more that my parents have forgotten)
  • Learn to respond to my name
  • Laugh when people tell me "no"
  • Make some friends
  • Make my parents laugh every day
  • Drive a car (pictured below)
  • Put my feet in the ocean
  • Grow my hair out 
  • Visit a couple Civil War battlefields (yes, Antietam AND Gettysburg)
  • Learn how to update the blog
Jake has about 4 weeks left to figure out that last bullet point.  Here's hoping.  But don't hold your breath, this guy has places to go, people to see...just check him out below!