Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blame it on Facebook

I mean, Facebook is where it's at.  It's a virtual vortex.  It consumes all my time.  Well, almost all my time.  Any leftover time is spent over at Cake Wrecks. Makes me almost as happy as a 9-month old with a teddy bear.
 Okay...here's what's going on over here.  This past weekend we were fortunate enough to hang out with Joe and Jess...who gave us the shredded map piece of Furoma...oh wait, that's a Mousehunt allusion from Facebook, sorry.  Anyway, they introduced us to the most fabulous trail situation in Greater Baltimore and we are GRATEFUL.  Check out some pictures from our trail adventure...it was spectacular.  Interestingly, we hung out with Joe and Jess on Saturday night...to watch the big UFC fight(s)...true story...and that's when they introduced us to this trail idea.  Well Kevin, Jake and I gave it a shot on Monday.  And who did we see while we were there?  Joe and Jess!  (I bet you guessed it.)  And yes, those are a couple pictures of Jake at Chipotle after the trail adventure.
It should also be noted that we have a houseguest this week.  His name is Buddy and he is a Boston Terrier.  He is a delight.  Luther may disagree, but hey, he can't type, so we're saying that Buddy is a delight.  Even though this video ends with the guts of the toy rabbit in Buddy's mouth.

Jake is a hoot and he is having lots of fun cruising around.  He's not officially walking, but he's pretty darn close.  He is on the move and therefore so are we.  
Hmmm, let's see, wow, it's been a long time since we've updated.  We have also attended the Wine in the Woods event in Columbia, Jake experienced Baby Dedication at church, Kevin evidently has some fabulous green thumb because our yard looks good, we saw Slumdog Millionaire,  we found out Jake isn't going to be the youngest of his cousins (congrats, Casey and Chris!), we added some weird branches to our family tree by attending the wedding of Kevin's cousin, who is good friends with my Dad's cousin, which means Jake somehow puts us all in the same family, and I'm sure the list goes on.
And frankly we've had lots on our minds.  We've been thinking about finances and adoption and prayer and politics and jobs and...the list goes on.

Which leads me to ask...what's on your mind?  (...those in the know will recognize that as a little homage to Facebook...)