Monday, March 2, 2009

I lost my camera...?

Just looking for a good excuse for why it has taken me this long to feed and water the ol' blog.

Since there is way too much to cover since Christmas, I'll just pick up from a couple weeks ago.

Dog and Jim came to town (and we played lots of "Ticket To Ride").

Kevin turned 32 (and Jake tasted frosting).

Sharyn came to town (and we went to Wegmans).

The Kruks had twins...a boy and a girl (and the Cudas and the Hardestys each had daughters!).

We went to Oklahoma City to see Casey and Chris (and the memorial from the Federal Building bombing).

I went to Columbus to celebrate with Dog at her baby shower.  And I don't have pictures to share yet because, as mentioned, I left my camera in Ohio.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.

That pretty much catches you up! 

Oh...I finally read "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn."  Loved it.  Loved it so much.

And also, Jake laughed a lot so far this year.

Glad to be back!

PS...some of you may remember that I participated in a marathon a couple years back...part of Team in Training, San Diego, etc. etc.  (If you weren't aware of this maniacal event in my life, you should also pay close attention to the word "participated" and note that I by no means ran the whole thing...but darn it, I completed it).  Anyway, if you are looking for a way to contribute in the fight against cancer, please consider giving at this generous woman's Team in Training site.  It's a really difficult thing to fundraise $4100 and it's awesome when complete strangers pitch in.  It really defines "community."  Anyway, consider it!  Thanks!


Rebecca said...

I did a double take at my Reading List when I saw the Vileation Nation on there! So good to have you back!

Jake is getting so big and cuter if that's even possible! What a gorgeous smile he has! And those eyes...oh my. I have a daughter just a little older than he into "older women?"

I've never read A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, but I gotta tell you it warmed my English loving heart that you underlined the title. So proper.

And congrats to all your friends who are having these beautiful babies! Such an exciting time for them!

Looking forward to more posts...(hint, hint...)

Kevin and Amy said...

Uh, mmmm, well, um,'s the thing, Happy. I did not intentionally underline the book title. In fact, I erroneously put it in quotes...the blog took it upon itself to underline it when I posted the link to Amazon where people could learn more.

I am ashamed.

But I don't care because guess what, I'm just so happy to be back in the loop with you! And hey, I have seen that gorgeous Caroline and I believe Jake will be knocking at your door sooner than either one of use are ready for!!!!

Rebecca said...

I hardly noticed the quotations, but now that you pointed them out to me they are kind of glaringly wrong. :)

It's a good thing I like you so much to look past them...!