Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jake's Christmas Gift

Well, Jake wanted to give his grandparents some fun gifts for Christmas.  Check them out below!

Amy's note:  If you don't laugh out loud right around minute 1:25-1:30 in the Growing Up video...well, I don't know...but you should.  You should laugh right out loud.

Christmas Recap

No real news over here at the Vileation Nation.  We rang in 2009 with a pizza from Papa Johns (we tried the whole wheat crust because, you know, we're really trying to be healthy now that we have a Wii Fit).  We also managed to convince a few people to come over and watch the Rose Bowl with us...I'm really glad we did because Kevin had to maintain some level of mature behavior since we had guests.  If there were no guests, I am sure that he would have been in bed, under the covers, miserable.  I am sure of this because that is exactly what happened after the big Iowa loss.

Anyway, here are our Christmas recap pictures...we really did have an absolutely wonderful holiday season.  
And don't miss our pictures from the trip to the Eisenhower House in Gettysburg.  Kevin wanted to get there in December because the house was decorated for Christmas.  What they mean by "decorated for Christmas" is "a wreath on the front door." That part was a little disappointing.

Finally, here is a picture with Jake and his bear at each of his month birthdays so far.