Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Celebrations all around...

We are official residents of Reisterstown, so I'm sure that anyone who owns the book "100,000,000 Places To See Before You Die" will want to check Reisterstown off the list. Come visit anytime! You can see some pictures of the new place here, but we'll do a better job of posting pictures in the future. Or, as mentioned, you could come visit.So moving into the new house is one big thing to celebrate, the next big thing is that Amy gets to go to Iowa and check that state of her list of "50 States To See Before You Die." I think I only have a few left...mainly the vast midwest interior. If anyone's looking to travel to Nebraska in the near future, I'd love to join you.
And the next big celebration is the absolutely GORGEOUS baby shower that my mom hosted this weekend in Ohio. Dog orchestrated the games (so some great and FRANK advice!), Susan orchestrated the balloons (and managed to not smother her newborn while transporting the balloons) and Sharyn handled the gift documentation (with lively commentary to boot). Like a well-oiled machine, those ladies. The event was so fun and I just loved seeing people from different parts of my life...people I've known since my own birth, music teachers I had as I was growing up, moms of my junior high and high school friends, some wonderful Grove City friends, etc etc. It was a wonderful, special day and I am so grateful to my mom for the lovely affair. And as you know, I get pretty excited about dessert...cake in particular...and my mom had this wonderful idea that I encourage everyone to do. She got one large cake for us all to share, and then several little cakes that were used as prizes throughout the day, so those people who were winning at the games got to take home a cake! I can think of no better prize than a cake, truly. Pictures are available here.
So now Panda is all set to make its debut. It got a lot of good loot over the course of several showers. I didn't receive a pain-relief kit for the actual birth of Panda, but I'm sure that's coming. We registered for it.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Time Delay

We're sorry, but the Vileation Nation is experiencing a time delay.

We moved all our belongings this weekend and now we're suffering a medieval plague known as "Lackointernetosis."

We will not have internet at our new home until May 12, so there's no guarantee that we'll have any sort of exciting update until then.

In the meantime, please rejoice with us in one major celebration...Amy has Maryland license plates. Sure, they're not actually ON the vehicle, but they are in our possession. I think. Actually, they may have been lost in the move. Do not be deceived into thinking that the experience at the MVA of actually obtaining these plates was easy...oh no...2 hours worth of nonsense.

But it is over. And we're legal. And broke. We hope Maryland is happy.Luther thinking about how tough it is to move (but also happily relaxing in a legal vehicle).