Friday, August 29, 2008

Week 6

As of this coming Saturday, Jake has successfully completed 6 weeks of life outside the womb.

He had a wonderful time at Kayla's first birthday party and he even got to meet Uncle Andrew and Aunt Jodi. As much as he enjoyed the two of them, he's even MORE excited to meet their son who is due to experience "life outside the womb" in early November.
And here is Jake doing two impressions. The first one is of Austin Powers. The second one is of Dr. Perry Cox from Scrubs. Even though we named him JD, he's got a little bit of Coxy in him.
And not to be left out, here's Luther taking a break from playing with all Jake's toys.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Hitting Our Stride

We're all starting to get used to each other here in the Vileation Nation. Luther has stopped howling when Jake cries, Amy has stopped crying when Jake cries, and Kevin has stopped wiping Amy and Jake's tears every two hours. We're calling that progress.

Jake is a superstar. He can lift his neck, he can roll over from his tummy, he can make eye contact, and he is always guessed to be a boy by people when we're out in public. As a nod to the Olympics, there are only two events left in which our JD needs to achieve gold. Those events are sleeping through the night and smiling at his parents. We'll let you know when those hurdles are overcome (ha ha, another Olympic reference).
It should also be noted that Jacob made a trip to Pennsylvania to meet Great Nana and the extended Bowser family. We had a great time and he's already begging to go back! Check out the four generations in the first picture below. The second picture is Grandma and Grandpa entertaining Jake (and Luther). The third picture is 4 Bowser siblings! Uncle Rod, Aunt Helen, Aunt Mary and Great Nana! And finally, the last picture is Jake meeting Great Nana for the first time. Such a wonderful occasion!

Tomorrow Jake is attending the birthday party of his soon-to-be-friend, Kayla. She's turning one and we hope that she'll coach Jake on those events of sleeping and smiling. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Visit from Our Attorney and Pediatrician

Dog and Jim came to visit!!! Not only are Dog and Jim super fun to be around, but they are constantly helping us in the legal and medical realms. Not that we're in constant legal trouble, but we just like to be up to speed on whether Kevin has to pay an $.80 toll from Illinois (from 2006) that is now somehow $46.23.

Anyway. Not only did Dog and Jim come to visit, but they brought Jake some cool outfits, too! Check it out! Grove City girls, I do hope you've noticed the "Four Square Rocks" onesie!!!
During Dog and Jim's visit, we took a quick trip up to Gettysburg. Dog navigated us around town and we saw pretty much every inch of the place with the exception of some memorial to North Carolina. I was okay with missing the memorial to North Carolina because on the way to Gettysburg, I was able to locate a Dairy Queen. I really cannot stress the importance of this. It even has a drive-thru. Jacob is good at "driving thru."
Then on Saturday, after Dog and Jim met up with their other friends (or their excuse to get away from us), Kevin and I headed up to Langhorne for Kristin's bridal shower. Of course I forgot my camera in the car, so I have no photographic evidence of this event. But suffice it to say that Kristin is such a gorgeous bride-to-be and such a gracious showeree. It was a wonderful day and it was great to meet Kristin's sister, Stefanie, too!
We had another banner weekend and now we're looking forward to a visit from Jake's Cleveland Grandma this evening. Jake is currently squawking with delight! (Or maybe squawking with the need for a diaper change...I'm still trying to figure that out.)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Week in Review

Jake had such a great week. He had a bath, he filled his diaper genie, he logged some hours in his swing, and he had visitors! This week's visitors were Jason, the Slifkey family and Grandmom and Pop Pop. Thank you guys for stopping over, it was WONDERFUL to spend time with each of you!!! And congratulations to the Slifkeys as they are expecting a brother or sister for little Cyprian in January!